Custom Floral Wreaths

Well Hello!

It’s been quite the long delay here on my blog.  But all for good reason.

I have been making hair bows for a couple of years now.  It wasn’t enough to keep me busy during the day, even though looking back, raising a toddler is now enough to keep me busy.  (hehe)  That’s when I started the blog.  It was in hopes to help sell my hair bows and also share some of my crafty ways.  As much as I would love to say that I enjoy making hair bows just for fun, that is not the case.  I do enjoy making them but I also enjoyed seeing people appreciate my work and put them on their little girls.  Since it is a more specific group of customers, I have been in search of something that more people could use.  Let me present to you, my custom floral wreaths!

This is the beginning of, hopefully a successful, new road I am venturing out on.  I used to make small felt flowers for my baby’s headbands but never tried anything else with them.  These wreaths are extremely customizable and honestly, so much fun to make!

My wreaths are in my SHOP section.  Each image will direct you to my Etsy page to purchase or you can email me if you want more details.  Thank you for checking them out!

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