DIY Wood Picture Frame

If the last home decor post didn’t give you any clue as to my current obsession, this post just might.  I’m really into natural wood and the house is quickly filling with it.  This is very budget friendly and pretty darn easy.  Please excuse my lack of writing in this post.  It’s been a long week (it’s barely Tuesday).



Wood pallet – $3.99 at Michaels

Cardstock (2 colors) – I use heavy weight 12” (white & gray) that has some texture .  Easily found at any craft store.

Black & White photos – 8” x 8” (I bought mine pre-cut at Costco Photo or you can cut an 8” x 10”)

Spray Adhesive – $10.00  Not cheap but so worth it for many other projects too.

Knobs – $3.00/each  I used Hobby Lobby knobs.  I waited until they went on sale.



  1. Cut your cardstock paper to the size you want showing around the photo.  I cut the gray in the background to 9.5” x 9.5”.  Then I cut the white paper to 9” x 9”.  The photo was pre-cut at Costco to 8” x 8”.
  2.  Take all your materials and lay them out.  I did my project outside so that I wouldn’t get the spray adhesive all over inside.
  3. Take the spray adhesive and glue the smaller paper (white) to the larger paper (gray).  You want to make sure that you put the glue on the smaller paper so that you don’t have any over spray on the larger paper.  **Depending on what glue you use, you want to make sure you read the directions.  The scotch spray adhesive says to wait a couple of minutes after you spray the glue before you attach it.  
  4. Then, you spray the adhesive to the the back of the combined papers.  Once you have waited a couple of minutes, attach the paper to the wood.  ** My papers are by no means straight.  I don’t have a good eye for making sure things look even and aligned.  I did the best I could and you can hardly tell that they aren’t completely straight.
  5. I figured I wanted to swap out the pictures every now and again.  I took a small piece of double stick tape and attached the photo to the paper.  So the actual pictures are not attached permanently like the paper is to the wood.  
  6. These wood (pallet / plaque) frame are now finished!  All you need to do is hang them up!  We hung them with knobs.  Hope you enjoy!




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