Fall Indulgence Trail Mix

Fall Indulgence Trail Mix by The Crafty Mom Design

Fall Indulgent Trail Mix by The Crafty Mom Design

Finding food for a toddler can sometimes be a struggle.  Who am I kidding.  Most of the time it’s a struggle with my little one.  She is constantly changing what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  I must say that I am very proud that one of her favorite foods is veggies.  Especially cooked zucchini & carrots.  But my new fall trail mix is a hit with her and the whole family!

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Free Fall & Halloween Fonts

Confessions … We already know I have a problem with shopping at thrift stores & garage sales.  From my previous post, I enjoy finding those hidden gems for a steal.  Another little problem of mine is my abundance of fonts on my computer.  I just recently told my husband how I almost feel like I own too many.  I think I have given myself to many options & find myself having trouble committing to a certain font.  BUT I’m addicted and will continue to download fonts anyway.  =)

I have put together my favorite Fall / Halloween fonts.  And best part, they are all FREE!  Enjoy!

Free Fall & Halloween Fonts by The Crafty Mom Design

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